Our Story

TrendyValley is the pioneer organic baby clothing brand and nursing products in Malaysia since 2011. Our organic products nurture you, your baby and nature.


We know from personal experience that parenthood is the steepest learning curve and we want our children to grow in a pure, pesticides-free and chemical-free world.


Choosing organic baby clothes - when you can and can afford - is one of the best decision you can make for your children. Organic cotton baby clothes help to protect baby’s delicate skin and prevent baby allergies.

Our range of organic baby series include baby shirts, handkerchief, baby towel, baby swaddle and more. In line, we provide several premium series of nursing products for nursing mum and mum to be. Our mission is to ease the journey to all the nursing mum.


TrendyValley has been active in the marketing events sharing nursing and baby care knowledge in hospital breastfeeding talks, baby fairs and exhibitions across Malaysia. We have launched our products in Australia and Brunei, strive to deliver our knowledge and products in Asia.


We are fortunate to have customers’ continuous support and share the same philosophy we had from the beginning. It is a journey for all parents that want the best for their baby. Hope you enjoy what we have to offer and customer satisfaction is always our top priority.

“We believe a healthy and comfortable life starts from Organic Natural Cotton.”


Joey W. & Laura W.

Co-Founders of TrendyValley